About Us & Our Vision

We incorporate hands, head, heart & soul to bring forth to you masterpieces that enhance the interior and accentuates the overall ambiance!

Jersey Art Glass is the culmination of 50 years of the glass making art. We work with artisans all over the world who make glass meticulously using superior quality raw material, great ideas, unsurpassed value, and excellent quality, at prices affordable to everyone.

Unique In Our Approach, Unsurpassed In Execution

The unique influences of American design, European technical expertise, and Asian efficiency and artisanship have come together to create a brand, Jersey Art Glass, that strives to accentuate a global approach to glassmaking. These talents’ confluence is focused on leading-edge design, state of the art production techniques, and a quality/ ratio unsurpassed in the industry.

Obsessed With The Best

Our obsession with art glass is beyond measures, and we make sure that the final product that reaches you is state-of-the-art, top-notch, and intricately made. So much so that it awe inspires you and your loved ones, such that our obsession becomes yours!

Where every customer is treated like a family member

We take great pride in our Jersey Art Glass Products and stand behind that pride with a breakage replacement program. When you own a piece of Jersey Art Glass, you will be treated as a family member.

About Us

Jersey Art Glass was born in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic. The pandemic changed our lives completely and seemed to have created a divisive period between the country down to our communities. During this time, everyone was restricted to their own homes, stifling our natural human instinct to bond with our community. 


Our Vision is to build relationships and communities through our glassware. Whether it be for gifting, celebrating anniversaries, holidays, or just a small get together our hope is to be able to recreate a sense of bonds within our community with our glasses. 

We all feel the frustration of not being able to find the spark in a certain relationship and our hope is that our glasses can help to reconnect yourself with those you share a drink with or gift with our glasses. Guaranteed to provide a better celebrating or gifting experience our glasses will provide a unique feel of art that you and spirit that will have you refusing to drink out of any other glasses again. 

Art meets utility 

Gift to friends and amaze them with these unique art glass they can not only admire but also drink out of. Guarantee that your loved ones will fall in love with using them and be their favorite glass. 

How are our glasses made?

Designed in NJ, our glasses are manufactured overseas in a variety of different methods. From hand-blown glass, machine made glasses, to sandblasted glass, we use a variety of manufacturers that have been in the glassware industry for decades.