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Our Mother's Day Wine Gifts

Our Mother’s Day Wine Gifts

 Do you have trouble finding the perfect gift for Mom on Mother’s Day? Sure, flowers are a lovely gesture. However, florists charge more for holidays like this. And should it slip your mind, you may not get a suitable arrangement sent in time. Then there’s the problem with flowers only lasting a short while.

You might then think about wine. Mom loves wine, so why not get her favorite bottle? Either she’ll keep saving it for a special occasion or she’ll drink it all on the spot. Then it’s just like those flowers…gone!

Perhaps a better way to give Mom a Mother’s Day gift this year is to get her a Mother’s Day wine glass. An ordinary wine glass won’t do though…you need a wine glass saying or wine quotes that add meaning to the gift.

 Thankfully, Jersey Art Glass has hand-blown, handcrafted wine glasses that are perfect for Mother’s Day. These are the top 3 best Mother’s Day wine gifts you’ll find!

1. Best Mom Ever Wine Glass Saying

This stemless design is adorned with hand-painted flowers surrounding a wine glass saying of “Best Mom Ever” in the center. So if you’re adamant about presenting Mom with flowers, at least these will last longer. She’ll think of you every time she pours her favorite Chardonnay!

2. A Garden of Love for Grandma Wine Quotes Glass

Is your mom a grandma too? You can let her know how much you appreciate her being the best grandma of all. Or gift it from the children. This stemless wine glass saying, “A Garden of Love Grows in a Grandma's Heart” while featuring beautiful pink and purple hand-painted flowers with little hearts floating around. It’s a beautiful way to make sure not to forget Grandma, the matriarch of your family! 

3. Mother’s Day Wine Glass Saying “If Moms Were Flowers I'd Pick You”


Attention husbands who are trying to help the kids find something to give their moms! This Mother’s Day wine glass has one of the best wine quotes of all. “If Moms Were Flowers, I’d Pick You” is such a sweet sentiment. Adorned with hand-painted red flowers and a glittery red heart, it’s a sweet set of stemless wine glasses any mom would be thrilled to have.

Why These Mother’s Day Wine Glasses Win

Moms and grandmas too work extra hard these days. They’re the ones behind the scenes, finding the missing sock to a set, making dinners that everyone will love, staying up to comfort sick children, and often working a job outside the home on top of that. Moms need something special for Mother’s Day and these wine glasses by Jersey Art Glass will help you give them exactly that.

Unlike chocolates, flowers, or wine itself, they will get plenty of enjoyment out of these wine glasses again and again. Of course, you can give her some wine along with one of these glasses too. She’ll need something good to fill it up with as she works on making it her favorite wine glass to choose when she’s in need of a lovely glass of wine.

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